Vacuum Venturi Pumps, Vacuum Grippers, Vacuum Suction Cups, Vacuum Seals, Coval, Piab, Vacuforce

Industrial Vacuum Automation

Solutions Using Vacuum

Martech Sales & Associates Inc. offers a complete range of vacuum automation products.

 With over 30 years of experience in designing and developing vacuum solutions. We offer an extensive range of vacuum components to help create your solutions including vacuum venturi pumps both single and multi-stage designs, vacuum dry ring pumps, vacuum grippers, vacuum foam grippers, vacuum filters, sensors, switches and accessories.

 Vacuum Engineering

If you utilize vacuum products for processing in areas of automation, robotics, materials handling,

  you deserve the best design solution available. At Martech, our commitment to smart vacuum solutions ensures that we bring an innovative approach to designing optimal vacuum systems. When you put Martech to work you apply our years of experience in vacuum automation, system design and product development to a wide range of automation and process control applications. 

               Applications For Engineered Solutions

  • Pick & Place
  • Retrofitting an existing vacuum application
  • Re-engineering an existing system for improved performance
  • Switching from electric to pneumatic or magnetic
  • Increasing the speed of processing, cycle time
  • Lowering or eliminating maintenance costs
  • Improving machine throughput
  • Lifting and moving a unique or unusually shaped item
  • Improving safety


Vacuum Suction Cups & Accessories

Vacuum Suction cups, Bellows Suction Cups, Oval Suction Cups, Piab, Coval, Vacuforce, Vuototecnica

Martech offers  a complete range of vacuum suction cup designs including flat style, single & double bellows, oval designs, materials include silicone, polyurethane, dual durometer, nitrile, non- marking, food grade

Vacuum Pumps

Vacuum Venturi Pumps,Dry Ring Pumps, Vacuum Cylinders, Vacuum Valves, Vutotecnica, Coval, Piab

Martech Sales offers a complete range of vacuum pumps including vacuum venturi pumps  to dry ring suction pumps & rotary vane pumps. With low energy performance and cost effective designs. We can help

provide a solution for all your vacuum automation needs. 

Vacuum Grippers

Foam Vacuum Grippers, Vacuum Cylinders, Vuototecnica, Piab, Coval, Vacuforce

Martech Sales offers a complete range of vacuum grippers from our mini grippers to  large custom designed systems.  Units are lightweight, efficient and cost effective.

We offer vacuum pick up cylinders, bag/sack grippers, round designs of various sizes and vacuum bars using foam or suction cup  with check valve options