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Robot System Products (RSP)

Located in Vasteras Sweden, Robot System Products is a global leader in high-performance industrial robot peripheral products.

Their expertise is to provide tested and “field proven” robotic system solutions that improve robot flexibility, utilization and uptime. Keeping current with the latest robot models and advances they offer a full line of documented plug & play robotic solutions, as well as individual peripheral items including automatic tool changers, tool changer swivels, Ciro, valve units, tool stands, grippers & hose packages  that work with all major robot brands and models. By continuously exploring emerging technologies, RSP designs, validates, manufactures and delivers solutions with engineered advantages and are proven to endure millions of duty cycles.


Maximize Your Hose Package lifetime With CiRo.
Cables and hoses are often the main factors limiting robot movement, often causing unpredictable production stops. At the same time, there is great demand for a compact cell layout and flexible production. 

CiRo is a cost-effective solution to achieve the flexibility of internal cabling. Hose and cables for air, signals and power can be selected according to the requirements of the application. Axis 6 can rotate with extended freedom!


  • High Uptime
  • Low Maintenance
  • Less Wear
  • Extended Dress Package Lifetime
  • Quick & Easy Installation
  • High Reliability

CiRo Video

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