Robot Dress Package

Roboway & Robo-Kit Systems

Robot Dress Package & Components Help Increase Your Productivity & Reduce Your Robot Downtime.

Martech Sales offers a complete range of robotic cable protection products including a complete Plug & Play solutions for robot cable management systems. Roboway is a linear devise positioned on axis 3 to 6 to help create &  maintain tension on the protection conduit which houses  the electrical, pneumatic, cooling lines, vacuum & hydraulic supply cables.

In addition Robo-kit is available as individual component system used to protect the movement of the conduit and cables prolonging the life  & movement of the robot dress package system. 

 Roboway & Robo-Kit are available to fit all major robot brands including smaller robot sizes and collaborative robot arms.

Martech Sales & Associates Inc. can offer a complete turn-key "plug & play" solution for your robot cable management.

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Roboway & Robo-kit Dress Package Systems

Roboway Robot Dress Package System By CPS. Complete Solutions For Robot Cable Management

High Quality Components

Cost Effective

Outfits all Major Brands of Robots 

Collaborative Cobot Kits Available

Local Stock & Support

Short Delivery Times

Engineered Solutions

Individual Planning & Designs

Roboway & Robo-kit Brochure

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 Maximize Your Hose Package lifetime With CiRo.
Cables and hoses are often the main factors limiting robot movement, often causing unpredictable production stops. At the same time, there is great demand for a compact cell layout and flexible production. 

 CiRo by RSP is a cost-effective solution to achieve the flexibility of internal cabling. Hoses and cables for air, signals and power can be selected according to the requirements of the application. Axis 6 can rotate with extended freedom.


Robo-Kit System


CPS Roboway cable tension er, Leoni, reiku, Becker, Muurplastik

High quality conduit tension system available in conduit sizes 36, 48, 56, 70, & 95 

Strokes (mm)

  • RW36, RW48 - 300/400/500/600
  • RW56, RW70, RW95 - 350/450/550/650

PAR Conduit

CPS Conduit Protection Hose, Leoni, Becker, Muurplastik

High Quality Robot Cable Protection Conduit 

  • Material: High Quality Polyamide 12
  • Temp: -50c - +95c
  • Color: Black, Yellow
  • Degrees Protection: IP 68
  • S-E: UL94-V2, Halogen Free
  • Sizes: 22/28/36/48/56/70/95


CPS Robot protection Collar/Sleeve

Abrasion Protect Connector

RKTP is made of reinforced polyamide 6.

Used to protect conduit during movement of robot arm.

  • Sizes: 22/28/36/48/56/70/95


CPS Conduit Tube Clamp, reiku, Murrplastik, Leoni, Becker

RKC is a conduit tube clamp used in combination with RKS+RKRC or RKD. to hold tube,s movement while robot arm operates

  • Sizes: 22/28/36/48/56/70/95


CPS - Ball Joint RKS, Reiku, Muurplastik, Becker, Leoni

RKS is a conduit tube ball joint allowing flexibility to the conduit during the robot movement. It is used in conjunction with RKC.

  • Sizes: 22/28/36/48/56/70/95



VCG is the end cable gland/clamp used to clamp cables & hoses. Has various hole  patterns pending on size. Also available in blank with no holes

  • Sizes: 22/28/36/48/56/70/95



RCS Robot column support kit. Kit comprises of steel powder coated robot flange & post with clamp kit. 

*RCS is custom to each robot manufacture please contact us with your robot make and model for quotation and delivery.



RKR is a rotating connector used in combination with RKC to release conduit tube tension and fatigue as robot arm rotates.

  • Sizes: 22/28/36/48/56/70/95



RKTC is a union joiner

Used to connect tube conduits together

  • Sizes: 48/56/70/95



RKSC is a strain relief clamp used to clamp VCG end cable gland

  • Sizes: 22/28/36/48/56/70/95



RKD is a union joiner for the smaller size conduit tube. It is used to join tube conduits together

Size: 22/28/36

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