pneumatic power clamps and grippers

Misati Power Clamps

  High Quality, Long Life, Pneumatic Powered Mini Clamps, Fastening Clamps, Robot Grips, Transfer Press Components & Systems, Hot Stamping Clamps - Extreme Quality with Super Compact Design and lightweight! 

Misati manufactures  Pneumatic Power Clamps, Robot Grips & Tooling, Transfer Press Grips & Tooling, Hot Stamping Grippers which are designed for clamping, gripping, fastening and positioning work pieces in jigs, fixtures and handling systems. They are small, compact and light-weight, use a minimum of air and have a service life of as many as 20 million clamping cycles.  With their piston diameters of 20, 32, 40 and 50 mm they reach ultimate clamping and holding forces in excess of 9500N (2136 lbf) at 6bar.
Self-retention is guaranteed in the clamping position with or without power & manual tool setup is done with ease. The clamping arm closes quickly and the actual clamping movement is controlled. The clamping mechanism with needle bearings guarantees ultimate clamping forces and keeps wear and tear to a minimum. The steel cylinder with its frontal air connections forms a unit with the clamping mechanism which results in a high degree of stability at small dimensions and unlimited fixture options.
The maximum clamping moment of these power clamps is reached once the clamping arm is at the end of its stroke. For this reason the working stroke should be completed as closely as possible to the stroke end. 

Misati pneumatic welding clamps represent industry leading technology with their complete Nickel Teflon surface coatings, high holding force & compact design allowing for smaller work envelopes in welding and high temperature applications.

 The RoHS-compliant, metric size clamps are made of C45 hardened steel with a black oxide finish. They have a maximum pressure of 10 bar and work pressure of 6 bar. These patented, smaller profile, high clamping force, reduced air consumption, mono-block design super-efficient clamps are a revolutionary approach for applications in assembly, verification, handling, robotics, machining, welding, etc. Having a reduced size, these clamps achieve higher holding forces than other clamping options. The accompanying standard accessories can adapt the clamps to most all applications, such as molded, cast or machined surfaces, caustic environments & welding applications. 

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Misati Catagories

Misati Fastening Clamps

Misati Power Clamp, Tunkers, Destaco, SMC, Univer, Pneumax, Hot stamp clamp

Misati Fastening Clamps are manufactured to extreme quality standards with modular compact mono-block design & built in safety features as standard. Complete program of available options.

Sizes: 20mm, 32mm, 40mm, 50mm

Misati Transfer Press

Misati Transfer Press Components & Systems, Transfer Press Automation

Complete range of high quality ultra-light transfer press components & systems including mini pincers, centering shovels, techno-polymer brackets, sensors, linear drives, turning units, clamping brackets & bars...

Misati Hot Stamping

Misati Hot Stamp Clamp, Misati Gripper, Destaco,

 Misati's Clamp for High Temperatures is a solution for Hot Stamping applications (aka Hot Forming or Press Hardening). 

 Their clamps can move sheets from the furnace (1,000ºC) to the press die!  

Misati Robot Grips

Misati Robot Grips

High quality ultra-light robotic grips, components & systems designed

to help reduce robot tooling weights.

Unique modular designs that can withstand heavy duty applications including robotic arc welding, material handling, hot stamping...