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Magnetic Grippers

iXTUR Magnetic Grippers

Martech Sales has recently partnered with Finnish manufacture of  magnetic gripper technology iXTUR.  iXTUR,s technology is based on bi-stable permanent magnets, which can remain in either of their two states ("hold" or "release") without using energy. The switching can be controlled by pneumatic operation and requires very little energy to operate. In battery-powered applications, thousands of switches are possible with one battery charge.  In battery  powered magnets there is no electrical or pneumatic external source required for operation. Function of the pneumatic magnets are based on neodymium permanent magnet technology.

Applications For iXTUR Magnets

Robotic Pick & Place

Work Holding Applications




Food Safety


Pneumatic Powered Magnetic Grippers

 Ixtur manufactures a wide range of pneumatically controlled magnets ranging from 6 kg to 180 kg WLL. 

  • Excellent size to grip capacity ratio
  • Easily controlled by compressed air
  • Suitable for robot grippers of pick and place applications
  • Optimal for robotics, other industrial automation, lifting and workholding
  • Maintenance free
  • Keep their magnetic state in case of lost air pressure
  • High Quality Workmanship
  • Cost Effective

Video: MAP-6

MAP-6 Pneumatic Magnets -  18Kg Gripping Capacity, Compact Size!

Video: LI-120

LI-120 Pneumatic Magnets - 120Kg Lifting Capacity, Battery Operated!

Brochures & Downloads

  •  iXTUR 3D CAD File Downloads  Click Here
  • iXTUR User Manuals                     Click Here  
  • iXTUR Brochures                           Click Here