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Composite & Aluminum Profile Extrusions For Build of Robot E.O.A.T And Machine Frames

The flexural mechanical properties of carbon fibre profiles offer significant advantages to the automation, robotics and industrial manufacturing industries because of carbon fibre’s unique features.

Products are  based on structural and modular profiles made of a carbon fibre composite using pultrusion technology and fitted with mounting hollows like traditional aluminium

structural profiles commonly used for the construction of machinery. A wide range of structural profiles and accessories, complete with carbon profiles with simple geometrical shapes (pipes and square bars).

Pull-winding technology is used for the pipes enabling part of the fibres to be directed at an angle to the profile’s main axis, improving its appearance but most of all increasing

the torsional properties of the pultruded part.

Many advantages of these carbon fibre structural profiles include weight, strength, modularity, industry compatible dimensions (can use standard connecting elements

and fasteners.

Composite & Aluminum Profile Extrusions For Build of Robot E.O.A.T And Machine 


  • Composite Carbon Fiber Profile Extrusions - Industry Compatible
  • Round Tubes
  • Plates
  • Solid Rounds
  • Rectangular Tubes
  • Rectangular Solids
  • Custom Requirements

 Standard Sizes Available For Profile Extrusion (Composite Carbon Fiber)

45 X 45 X 1M

45 X 45 X 2M

45 X 90 X 1M

45 X 90 X 2M

90 X 90 X 1M

90 X 90 X 2M

Longer lengths available upon request